Flickchart.com is a movie ranking website which is very addictive. It’s free to sign up and it gives you two movies at a time to rank. It is a lot of fun.

Their pairing system shows you two movies, and you decide which of the two you prefer – whether it be the story, the cinematography, the director, a favorite line by your favorite actor, or any other traits you may find that qualify it as the better film. If you haven’t seen one, or both, of the films, you use the designated buttons to let us know you haven’t seen them.

You can’t decide which movie you like better if you haven’t seen one of them, right?

Flickchart is a website that lets you:

  • rank movies to create your own personal list of favorites by using the Flickchart matchup system
  • become part of the Flickchart community and help decide what the “Best Films Of All Time”
    really are
  • take part in discussions about particular pairs of movies
  • view movie information, and its ranking statistics on Flickchart
  • invite friends and make new ones that you can compare your taste in movies with
  • view the definitive best-of lists that break down the top movies by popular choice, year, decade, genre, and coming soon: actor, director, and more

My flickchart profile and rankings, check it out.


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